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Here at Breathing Space we are dedicated to bringing kindness and compassion to the heart of business.

We can deliver the eight week MBLC programme directly to your executives and staff at your place of business.

The half day well-being training provides an understanding on how individuals can take care of and promote their own well-being. A workforce that is well is focused and productive.

We run a year round programme of Mindfulness Based Living Courses for individuals at our Park Road address. You can book a space on our next course below.

We run a number of yearly Retreats. They are very popular and sell-out quickly. You can read more details on the Retreat page about the Beautiful Souls Retreats the next retreat is a weekend retreat due to take place on the 20th-22nd April 2018. If you would like to register your interest please use the contact form on the retreat page or call Sara on 07808 955060. If you would like to book a space on the retreat then do so below.

Mindfulness Based Living Course for Business 

Length: 2 hours each week for eight weeks

Location: In-house or at local off-site venue

Price: £1800 for 12 delegates


This course was devised by the Mindfulness Association and is a  training in being present, responding with compassion and seeing deeply the habitual patterns of thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

Three decades of published research indicates that most people who complete mindfulness courses report:

  • An increased ability to relax and an improvement in quality and duration of sleep
  • The ability to cope more effectively with stress and anxiety, depression, anger and panic states
  • The ability to cope better with chronic pain and reduction in pain levels
  • Greater enthusiasm, creativity and increased energy levels
  • Greater ability to focus
  • Improved self-esteem and clarity of thought
  • A more effective immune system

A work force that is mindful will be more resilient, well and cohesive.

The course can be delivered at your workplace or we can organise an exclusive off-site venue that is convenient to you and your employees. The price is £1800 for the full 8 weeks of training with a maximum of 12 participants which enables us to full support each delegate.

MBLC for business

Mindfulness Based Well-being training

Length: Half day 

Location: In-house or a local off-site venue

Price: £350 

Half day training in effectively and mindfully managing personal well-being enabling individuals to better manage the increasing demands of a professional life. Providing delegates with an understanding of how to mindfully create a deeper sense of well-being leading to greater resilience, creativity and wellness.

The course can be delivered at your workplace. If you would prefer an off-site venue this can be arranged. The cost of the venue will be additional to the course costs. The price is £350 for the half day training. We suggest a maximum of 20 participants so that we can fully support each delegate.

Mindfulness Based Well-being Training

Mindfulness Based Living Course 

Length: 8 weeks for two hours a week with optional 9 week

Location: 75 Park Road Peterborough PE1 2TN

Price: £200 

The Mindfulness Based Living Course is a weekly Mindfulness course over eight weeks consisting of eight classes which are typically two hours long. There is an optional week 9 if you choose to take that up. It is one of the courses recognised by the UK Good Practice Guidelines and teachers of the courses are members of the UK Listing of Mindfulness Teachers. It is similar in content to the MBSR Course but places a stronger emphasis on cultivating loving kindness and compassion towards ourselves and others.

Each course consists of:

  • A one to one chat on the phone prior to the start of the course
  • Online support for the duration of the course
  • Eight two-hour sessions
  • A fifteen-minute tea break each week. Refreshments will be provided
  • An optional follow up session after the course has finished
  • Access to practise recordings and a course manual
Dates for Mindfulness Based Living Courses

Beautiful Souls Retreat 20th-22nd April 2018 

Length: Friday 4 pm-Sunday 4 pm

Location: Inner Guidance Retreat Centre, Lavenham, Suffolk

Price: £350 for a shared room £497 for single occupancy 

A transformational Retreat offering you a weekend of mind, body and soul healing. The Beautiful Souls Retreats offers you a space to breathe from the stresses of life. An inspirational retreat designed to bring out your beautiful soul through coaching, meditation and reflection to help you find purpose and direction for living a more fulfilling life.

Set at a beautiful Elizabethan mansion in the heart of the Suffolk countryside. The retreats are small  so that you can relax, unwind and connect with others.  It will be a thoroughly enjoyable weekend with like-minded beautiful souls.

The price of the retreat is £350 for a shared room and £497 for single occupancy. The price is all inclusive of accommodation, vegan food and all the expert led workshops.

Beautiful Souls Spring Retreat



  One to one Mindfulness Coaching exploring the formal meditations and informal practices and attitudes central to a more mindful way of being. ACT Coaching to help you find passion and purpose in your life and overcome the challenges that stand in your way. Reconnecting mind, body and soul.


Providing a beautiful physical breathing space to mindfully contemplate your souls passion, bringing clarity, authenticity and purpose to your life. The Beautiful Souls Retreat is back on the 20th-22nd April 2018.  Do register your interest as spaces fill quickly and we keep the retreats small so that we can provide that bespoke support.


Dedicated to bringing compassion and kindness to the heart of business. We provide the eight week MBLC programme, well-being training and one to one support. Promoting resilience, team cohesion and well-being in the corporate world.