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The Art of Retreating

To retreat is to pull back, withdraw to ebb.

Sometimes, we can become so locked in the busyness of our daily lives. Moving relentlessly from one task on our to do lists to the next. With barely a moment to squeeze in a drink or grab some food. Such fast paced living leaves little room for contemplation or just being. Little room to to consider how you would like to be in your life, how you can do what matters to you. How you can feed your soul and live in a way that honors you and the things you hold dear. How you can nurture your mind, body and soul.

To come away on a retreat creates that pause. Creates a window in our lives to just be for a while. To stop. Creating a moment to think whilst being held and supported by your chosen venue and facilitators.

Creating the right blend of space, venue and challenge is in itself an art. Like baking a cake or creating a painting the balance and ingredients need to work together.

Adele and I have recently run our Beautiful Souls spring retreat. Creating that space for people to come to. A space to pull back to. A Breathing Space. The ingredients blended. The balance was right and we had some Beautiful Souls join us which provided the icing on the cake.

We both felt so honoured to be able to share peoples retreat with them. It is a special time to spend with people. To be able to hold that space, that moment in time and be there in their being. That is a gift.

We are planning an autumn retreat. An opportunity to come and just be. It promises to be as beautiful as the last one.

If you are interested in a little Breathing Space then do take a look at our retreat page at which gives you more details. We have also shared some feedback from our last Beautiful Souls Retreat. You can register your interest and we will contact you as soon as our autumn dates are released.

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