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So Why a Divorce Retreat?

A Retreat is a moment to pause.

To step out of routine.

To create a window in your life so that you can just be.

Many of our lives are so incredibly busy. Juggling the demands of work and home life can feel like a never ending balancing act. If you add into this everyday mix the breakdown of an intimate relationship, the demands on your emotional energy reserves can be immense. Hence, the impact of a breakdown in a relationship can be huge. As a result the ripples can felt in all aspect of life. From family and friends, to finances and children. It touches them all. It is from this understanding that the idea of a Divorce Retreat was born.

Myself and my colleague Adele McCormack wanted to provide people going through the breakdown of a relationship with a retreat that could cater for their unique needs at this moment in their lives. Therefore we wanted to find a special place away from it all. Where physical needs were catered for to a high standard. A spiritual place. Where people could pause and feel like they had stepped into the hug of a warm towel. We believe that we have found the perfect venue at The Inner Guidance Retreat Centre.

Having found the venue we also wanted to ensure the right blend of experienced specialist support, practical advise and plenty of mindful relaxation. We therefore believe that The New Dawn Divorce Retreat provides the right mix. The perfect breathing space for people going through the breakdown of a relationship.

Consequently, we aim to provide a nourishing experience that will recharge those depleted energy reserves. Enabling people to leave the retreat stronger and more able to cope with the journey ahead.

So finally, if you or someone you know might benefit from a specialist retreat experience then visit the retreat page on my website at where you will find further information or can request additional information by completing the request form on that page.



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