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Here at Breathing Space we have developed accessible, relevant bespoke modular training in developing emotional intelligence in all client facing staff. It can be delivered in a way that is flexible and can fit around the demands of a busy environment. We also provide a bespoke training needs assessment. This ensures that the training delivered is relevant to your business or sectors identifiable needs.

The training is engaging, practical and outcome focused. Providing delegates with a range of emotional intelligence skills that will enhance team cohesion and improve client experience and satisfaction levels. The training is run in conjunction with Vanessa Carter from Wallwork Communications. An experienced trainer and teacher with an extensive career in the Health Care and Education industries.

Sara and Vanessa are experienced communicators and presenters, passionate about improving the quality of inter-personal relationships and communication. Mindfulness and its emphasis on being in the moment is of particularly relevance when communicating with another. How a message is communicated is a fundamental component to a client`s experience and directly correlates to satisfaction levels. The training aims to build emotional intelligence skills in a practical way to enable effective quality communication even in difficult situations.

Both Sara and Vanessa have worked in a professional capacity and understand the demands of a busy professional life. Managing personal stress levels and ensuring high levels of self-care are an essential part of a long and rewarding career. The stress management training has been devised with this in mind. Providing delegates with mindful practical self-management tools, that will enhance their ability to manage their careers demands and, increase their focus, productivity and well-being.


If you are interested in our training, please use the following contact details…

Sara on 07808955060

Vanessa on 07590 455461

We will be happy to discuss your requirements in greater detail. Or visit the events page where you can book our emotional intelligence or stress management training.

My training partner Vanessa Carter.


We have a flexible approach to the delivery of the training to your business or organisation. We can offer in-house training, or a local off-site venue starting at a time that suits your organisation best. As the training is modular it can be delivered over a period of time. Each module inter-connecting with the previous and building those all too important emotional intelligence skills. If a full days training is more relevant, then we can also accommodate that too.

We offer a training needs assessment. This enables us to spend a day in your establishment speaking to staff and end users so that we can provide you with a written training requirements report. From this report we can make recommendations as to what modules of the emotional intelligence training are most relevant to your organisation and provide a bespoke package to meet your establishments emotional intelligence needs.

Please do not hesitate to contact Sara on 07808 955060 or Vanessa on 07590 455461 to discuss your requirement in greater detail.


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 One to one mindfulness coaching exploring the formal meditations and informal practices and attitudes central to a more mindful way of being. Mindfulness based life coaching to help you find passion and purpose in your life. Reconnecting mind, body and soul.


Providing a beautiful physical breathing space to mindfully contemplate your souls passion, bringing clarity, authenticity and purpose to your life. The Beautiful Souls Retreat is back on the 20th-22nd April 2018.  Do register your interest as spaces fill quickly and we keep the retreats small so that we can provide that bespoke support.


At Breathing Space we have a number of training day options that we deliver all of which can be booked via the events page. On this page you can also book onto our Beautiful Souls Retreats.