A MIAM is short for Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting. It is the first meeting where you meet with your mediator on your own without the other person to find out about the process. The Mediator you meet will be with you through the whole mediation journey ensuring you receive a consistent personalised service.

A MIAM is:

• A chance for you to ensure that you are comfortable with us
• A space to tell us a bit more about the current situation in a fully confidential conversation
• A place to explore with your Mediator any concerns you may have about reaching an agreement with the other person, so that we can make sure if we proceed into joint mediation, we cater for those concerns
• An opportunity to give you information about the mediation process and answer any questions that you might have
• A time to give you legal and practical information and guidance
• A discussion and informed decision about what the next steps are – e.g. whether you would like us to contact your ex-partner
• An appropriate moment to give you information to prepare you for mediation and provide you with a guide as to the likely costs and number of sessions in your situation
• A chance to consider and decide if mediation is going to be suitable in your circumstances.

A separate individual MIAM meeting takes approximately 45/60 minutes. Following your meeting, you can decide whether you wish to proceed with mediation. If you feel it is not the right process for you then we will supply the C100 or the Form A to prove you have attended a MIAM which you can provide to the Court or a Solicitor if you decide to make an application to the Court.  The law now states that anyone wishing to apply to the Court must attend a MIAM before applying, there is an expectation that the other party to the application will have also attended a MIAM.

Alternatively, if you would like to proceed with mediation, we will then contact the other person and invite them to attend their own individual MIAM with us. Assuming that they then attend a MIAM and mediation is considered helpful and appropriate for you both, we will then make the necessary arrangements to schedule a first mediation appointment.


Mediation services we offer…


The first appointment in mediation.


Helping you to make arrangements.


Sorting out the finances.


Helping you with all issues.


Setting out the costs.

“In the beginning is the conversation…”

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