We strongly believe that mediation is a cost effective and timely way of sorting out the issues that arise following the breakdown of a relationship.  Here at Breathing Space Mediation during the Covid 19 crisis we are providing a neutral, private, confidential on-line service. Where separating couples who want to create a fair and workable financial settlement, a sensible co-parenting plan, or both can, with the help of a Mediator begin to mediate in a safe, constructive, professional environment:

Short-term issues like: – who pays what – who lives where –what will the arrangements for the children be – can we get any financial help – what happens to existing benefits (Tax Credits, Child Benefit, etc)

Long-term issues like: – how will we manage to co-parent the children – the family home – other assets – maintenance – pensions – debts – benefits – child and spousal maintenance.


Mediation services we offer…


The first appointment in mediation.


Helping you to make arrangements for your children.


Sorting out the finances.


Helping you with all issues.


Setting out the costs.

Don`t feel able to sit in the same room?

Don`t worry mediation doesn’t always have to take place in the same room. Here at Breathing Space we offer something called shuttled mediation. This means that you arrive at separate times and sit separately throughout the mediation session and we ensure that you leave at separate times. Mediation works best if you can sit together but can be just as successful sat apart. How mediation takes place either together or separately is your choice and something we will discuss with you at your assessment meeting. We will not force you at any point to sit with your ex-partner.


An impartial Mediator will help you to:

  • Identify the issues you wish to consider
  • Deal with property, finance and children’s issues
  • Collect the necessary information and documentation to complete the disclosure process in financial matters so that you have accurate information upon which to base your financial negotiations
  • Set out the “disclosure” information in a Statement of Financial Information, which you can use to get independent advice if you choose to do so
  • Talk about the choices and options open to you and explore the workability with you
  • Negotiate with each other to reach decisions, which are practicable and acceptable to both of you
  • Write up any financial or child arrangement proposals reached in a Memorandum of Understanding so that you have a record of the mediation process
  • Keep Solicitors costs to a minimum by negotiating in mediation so that you are contacting your solicitor only for legal advice and the implementation of the terms of an agreement.


  • Resolve issues in as timely, inexpensive and child-centred way as possible
  • Where appropriate to meet with children so that their views can be heard in the process – we have the training and expertise to do this
  • Mediate in difficult matters of children, finance and property or both
  • Refer out where legal or financial advice is necessary: we have strong links with local solicitors and financial professionals
  • Where you have a solicitor to keep them informed about the progress of mediation and provide clear summaries of our work together
  • We work with you in a focused and kind way to help provide something that will work for you and your children moving forward
  • If you are both willing, we will try and help in any situation: we are flexible and creative in our approach.

A life building and life management process between family members in the presence of an independent and impartial third party known as a Mediator…The primary aim is not to reduce the congestion of the courts but to repair a breakdown in communication” Council of Europe Family Mediation and Gender Equality 2003