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My less than Mindful week!

I wanted to share with you my less than Mindful week. It was a week of chaos. Too full much too full! I had back to back appointments, my husband was away and my daughter was ill. Instead of just taking a minute and pausing I reverted to be strong, strive, push on, do everything on my own, juggle juggle. Sound familiar?

This did not go well. In the space of a week I had managed to set fire to my dustpan and brush on top of the wood burner. Filling the house with toxic fumes. Got my first ever speeding ticket and managed to go down a very deep pot- hole in the car bursting the front tyre!

When I reflected back at the end of that difficult week what I noticed was that my mind and body were rarely if ever in the same place at the same time. My body was busy doing as my mind was even busier organising what it wanted the body to do next. My mind was always one, three, ten steps ahead of where I was.

The result of this dis-connect was that instead of being efficient and focused I was dis-organised and stressed. I had lost my footing. I noticed that my mindfulness practice that week had been equally chaotic and unfocused.

It was a reminder, a flash-back to how my life was before mindfulness became central to how I now approach my life. It was a wake-up call. I was not walking my walk. I was not compassionate to myself nor was I being mindful of what one person can do in a day. My mind thought I could do a whole heap more than is humanly possible.

The learning I have taken forward is to walk my walk. To pause, make space for my practice and be a little more compassionate to myself. In this way I have noticed that I have the space and compassion for those around me. It has also meant no more speeding tickets, toxic fumes or burst tyres!

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