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Extreme weather and Present Moment

This week has seen a vast section of the country cloaked in a snowy blanket. Icy winds have blown the snow into mountainous white waves. I have noticed how these extremes of weather can really hold us in the present moment. There is no ignoring the icy wind against our skin or the bright white visual vista. The sound of the crunch of snow under foot holds our attention where it might previously have gone unnoticed. As I write I can hear the icicles from the house eves falling and skiing down the fall of the roof.

Certainly driving in these conditions keeps the focus in the present moment. I have noticed every nuance of difference in the road conditions ever alert to that patch of black ice or too deep drift. There has been no drift into thinking the senses have been alert holding me in the now.

Visually in these conditions we see things with a beginners eye. Things that usually go unseen appear different more interesting when covered in a layer of snow. Even my bins look interesting under their snowy duvet. I have become more aware this week of the movement of wildlife. What usually blends with their surroundings now stands out starkly against the arctic backdrop. Making me stop and notice. Curious about these usually unseen lives. Connected with there struggles in the freezing temperatures.

I have been interested to experience these extreme conditions. Aware of the senses and the bodily sensations of changes in temperature. Noting the hot aches in my fingers as I come in from the cold. Noting also the triggering of memories from childhood of sledging with my Dad and brother and the hot aches in fingers from long ago.

So while the snow remains be with it in a sensory way. Hear it, see it and touch it. Let it hold you in the present moment without preference. Love it or hate it. It too will change as all things do.

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