Here at Breathing Space we offer kind, caring one to one emotional support if you or your children are struggling with the emotional impact of the breakdown of a relationship. Sometimes, in life we all need a helping hand. When a relationships come to an end, it can be a turbulent time as everyone adjusts to the new reality. This change can leave us feeling very stressed and anxious. We provide a safe non-judgemental, compassionate space in which you and your children can speak openly. Helping to provide balance and stability as you work through the process of separation and family change.

Often when a relationship breaks down you can feel very out of control. We help you to focus your energy on what you can control helping you to take positive committed action towards a brighter happier future.

Helping you to deal with your painful thoughts and feelings effectively. So, that they have much less impact and influence over you.

Helping you to clarify what is truly important and meaningful to you. Because you can then use that knowledge to guide, inspire and motivate yourself through the ending of the relationship.

Working with you on strategies to reduce conflict and misunderstanding and improve communication.

Supporting you through the difficult times. To help you regain the focus, space, peace and calm in your life. Become more accepting of the fact that events, thoughts and feelings always change. Learning to bear them more lightly and let them go. Consequently, enabling you to enjoy a deeper well-being that does not depend on things going right or always being right.


Sara is our adult and late teen expert working with people from 15-80. The support takes place at our welcoming offices at 75 Park Road, Peterborough PE1 2TN.  To read more about Sara do take a look at our about page.

Simon is a very experienced UKCP Systemic Psychotherapist working with both adults and children from his private practice in Wimpole Street, London. Do take a look at our about page to read more about Simon and his work.

Deborah is our child expert. She is a highly trained and accredited Child Therapist registered with UKCP and can see children from 5-21 years of age from her private consultation practise in Islington London. Do take a look at our about page to read more about Deborah and her work.

So, if you, your child/children or someone you know, needs some extra support during the breakdown of an intimate relationship then please do get in touch with Sara for adult and late teen services in Peterborough on 07808 955060 Simon for adult and children services in London on 07881 788711 or Deborah for children services in London on 07803 362105


``Sara has helped me cope with a painful experience and built my self-awareness and confidence to face the future with new strategies and positivity. She is kind, easy to talk to, supportive and encouraging as well as being very skilled at drawing out underlying issues and challenging me. Sara is sensitive to my individual needs and preferences and flexible in her approach. Our sessions are always thought-provoking, interesting and positive and I would not hesitate to recommend Sara.`` - Person moving through a divorce

``At the beginning I struggled with anxiety and very poor confidence. I suffered panic attacks in many situations, from meeting up with friends and family to education related pressures. I have now been taught a wide range of simple tools and skills which have allowed me to discover who I am and have helped me to feel comfortable within myself. I have a complete new outlook on life, have achieved more than I ever thought I could and I am certainly more able to cope with life's struggles. I feel I have transformed from an overly emotional, dependant and nervous fraction of a person, to a more confident, healthier and happier individual, who is more aware of what she is capable of achieving.`` - Adolescent


  • A space in which to pause, reflect and heal.
  • Caring, inspirational and compassionate support.
  • One to One emotional support catering for your unique personal needs.
  • Comfortable consulting spaces in Peterborough and London.
  • Expert therapeutic help for children struggling with the breakdown of their parents relationship.


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We offer services for every need


Here at Breathing Space we offer kind, caring one to one emotional support if you or your children are struggling with the emotional impact of the breakdown of a relationship.


As members of the family justice system for many years we understand the challenges and difficulties that working with people going through separation and divorce can bring.


Here at Breathing Space Mediation we provide a neutral, private, confidential space where separating couples who want to create a fair and workable financial settlement, a sensible co-parenting plan, or both can, with the help of a Mediator being to negotiate in a safe, constructive, professional environment