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Sara completed her Mindfulness Teacher Training with the Mindfulness Association. The Mindfulness Association believes that Mindfulness is a way of life not a brief intervention for the relief of symptoms. Through this course devised by the Mindfulness Association you train in being present, responding with compassion and seeing deeply the habitual patterns of thoughts, feelings and behaviours. By doing so this frees us from the conditioning that governs and limits our lives and results in an unfolding of our human potential to make choices about how we live in connection with ourselves and our world.

The training is based on the work of Rob Nairn one of the world pioneers in presenting meditation training that is accessible to the Western mind. He has developed a unique secular training in Mindfulness which takes us on a step by step journey into a deepening experience of being present and accepting ourselves as we are.

The Mindfulness Based Living Course is a weekly Mindfulness course over eight weeks consisting of eight classes which are typically two hours long. It is one of the courses recognised by the UK Good Practise Guidelines and teachers of the courses are members of the UK Listing of Mindfulness Teachers. It is similar in content to the MBSR Course, but is designed specifically for non-clinical populations, and places a stronger emphasis on cultivating loving kindness and compassion towards ourselves and others. It was this element of the course that drew Sara to training with the Mindfulness Association. Kindness and compassion sit at the heart of what we do here at Breathing Space.

The course is very experiential, each session consisting of at least one 30-40-minute meditation, or “practice” and the opportunity to explore and share in a supportive group environment experiences of the practices both within the group and at home, under Sara`s guidance. In order to honour that supportive group feel we keep the groups small. There are a number of courses that run throughout the year the details of the dates can be found on our events page.

Meditation practices include the body scan, mindfulness of breathing, sound, body and thoughts, 3-minute breathing space, mindful movement, mindful walking, loving kindness meditation, mountain meditation and mindful eating. There will also be an exploration of how to bring mindfulness into our daily life, work and communication with others, and how mindfulness can help with stress and anxiety.

Mindfulness is an outlook rather than a technique and developing a regular meditation practice enables us to cultivate and develop it. Home practice is therefore an important aspect to this training and we suggest putting aside 30-40 minutes a day, to gain the maximum benefit from the course.

Each course consists of:

• A one to one chat on the phone prior to the start of the course
• Online support for the duration of the course
• Eight two-hour sessions
• A fifteen-minute tea break each week. Refreshments will be provided
• An optional follow up session after the course has finished
• Access to practise recordings and a course manual

Sara is available throughout the duration of the course via phone or email to support you in your practice and answer any questions.

Chairs will be provided, but feel free to bring your own meditation cushions or stools, warm socks, slippers, blankets and yoga mats for additional comfort. We suggest you wear loose fitting clothes. The courses take place at our offices at 75 Park Road Peterborough PE1 2TN.


Three decades of published research indicates that most people who complete Mindfulness courses report:

  • Increased ability to relax and an improvement in the quality and duration of sleep.
  • The ability to cope more effectively with stress, anxiety, depression, anger and panic states.
  • The ability to cope better with chronic pain.
  • Greater enthusiasm, creativity and increased energy levels.
  • Improved self-esteem and clarity of thought.
  • A more effective immune system.




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