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Here at Breathing Space we are dedicated to bringing mindful well-being to the heart of business. We believe strongly that there is great strength in a workforce that is happy and well. All things flourish when they are well and happy and in an environment that cares for their well-being  not much grows in a harsh climate. This is also true of people. We want to promote and support the flourishing of potential in a mindful, kind and compassionate way. We believe that mindful businesses are strong businesses.

Especially relevant to the development of mindful corporate environments is the delivery direct to the work place of the eight week Mindfulness Based Living Course. The course is recognised by the UK Good Practice guidelines. It has an emphasis on cultivating resilience and well-being. Designed to free individuals from the constraints of un-resourceful habitual patterns allowing an unfolding of their true potential.

Further more three decades of published research indicates that most people who complete mindfulness courses report:

– An increased ability to relax and an improvement in quality and duration of sleep

– The ability to cope more effectively with stress and anxiety, depression, anger and panic states

– Greater enthusiasm, creativity and increased energy levels

– Improved self-esteem and clarity of thought

– A more effective immune system

For those members of staff that are really struggling with stress and anxiety we provide a one to one acceptance and commitment coaching service. To read more about this cutting edge approach please visit our coaching page.

Sara has worked in a professional capacity. Consequently she understands that effectively managing personal stress levels and ensuring high levels of self-care are an essential part of a long and rewarding career. The mindful well-being training has been devised with this in mind. This half day training provides delegates with an understanding of the foundations of well-being. Together with mindful practical self-management tools to help support them moving forward. Therefore, enhancing their ability to manage their wellness, increasing their resilience and overall well-being. A workforce that is well is able to have greater focus, team cohesion, creativity and productivity.


If you are interested in our training, please use the following contact details…

Sara on 07808955060

We will be happy to discuss your requirements in greater detail. Or visit the events page where you can book our MBLC for business course or the Mindful Well-being training.


We have a flexible approach to the delivery of the training to your business or organisation. We can offer in-house training, or a local off-site venue. The eight week course can either be an early morning slot or as a lunchtime session. Let us know what times best suit your business.

The half day training can either be a morning or afternoon session either on site or off-site.

If the off-site options are chosen then the venue costs will be added to the cost of the training.

Please do not hesitate to contact Sara on 07808 955060 to discuss how we can help you bring compassion and kindness to the heart of your business.


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  One to one Mindfulness Coaching exploring the formal meditations and informal practices and attitudes central to a more mindful way of being. ACT Coaching to help you find passion and purpose in your life and overcome the challenges that stand in your way. Reconnecting mind, body and soul.


Providing a beautiful physical breathing space to mindfully contemplate your souls passion, bringing clarity, authenticity and purpose to your life. The Beautiful Souls Retreat is back on the 20th-22nd April 2018.  Do register your interest as spaces fill quickly and we keep the retreats small so that we can provide that bespoke support.


The Mindfulness Based Living Course is a weekly Mindfulness course over eight weeks consisting of eight classes which are typically two hours long.


At Breathing Space we have a number of training day options that we deliver all of which can be booked via the events page. On this page you can also book onto our Beautiful Souls Retreats.