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Breathing Space is the place for you if you feel like you are galloping through life, constantly miss things, and juggling relentlessly the competing demands on you and your time. Your thoughts are in a spin; you are constantly distracted and life is passing you by in a haze. You feel an underlying sense of dissatisfaction with life or are so stressed  and anxious you do not know which way to turn. Breathing Space is a place in which you can pause, learn and explore on a one to one basis how to develop a more mindful way of living your life. Leading to a greater sense of fulfillment, peace and happiness.

Mindfulness is an ancient none religious practice dating back 2,500 years. Extensive modern research has been done into the numerous and considerable health benefits of mindfulness. It is proving to be the antidote to the stresses and distraction of the 21st century.  It is based on an attitudinal shift towards positivity, gratitude, kindness and compassion. Cultivating a mindful approach to life allows you to deepen your self-awareness, let go of judgement and be more present in each given moment.

At Breathing Space, we can devise a bespoke mindfulness programme tailored to your individual needs and requirements. As a trained coach and mindfulness teacher I am able to guide you and together we can explore the formal and informal practice at the heart of mindfulness that will work for you. To help you regain the focus, space, peace and calm in your life. Become more accepting of the fact that events, thoughts and feelings always change and learn to bear them more lightly and let them go. Enabling you to enjoy a deeper well-being that does not depend on things going right or always being right. If you would like to discuss your requirements, then please do not hesitate to contact us. We offer a free 20-minute discovery call or Skype session where you can discuss your needs and requirements, and hear about the services and packages that we offer.


Here at Breathing Space we have developed a mindful integrative Life Coaching response to the challenge of modern living. Mindfulness helps to ground you in the here and now so that you can under take the transformational work. It provides the calm space in which you can align your core values and get in touch with your true purpose and life direction.
So, do you feel like you are standing at a cross roads or in a bit of a rut in your life or career? Do you really not know which way to turn? Are you drifting through your life and nothing you do really feels like it is right for you? Are you suffering from overwhelming stress or anxiety? Are you feeling uninspired and lacking in motivation and drive and do not know why? Are you locked in a spiral of run-away thoughts and lack any sense of positivity? Does your life feel that it lacks balance and harmony?
Here at Breathing Space we would really like to help you get back on track and back in touch with yourself. Mindful Life Coaching is a beautiful opportunity to take some time for yourself, pause, reflect and re-evaluate. Whether you are 18 or 80 it is a chance to explore, consider, and make positive life changing decisions leading to a more authentic future that resonates with you on all levels. Exploring with Breathing Space allows you to have the opportunity to find the answers within yourself and take your place in the world. As a coach I walk with you in a non-judgmental way to help you to find that inner spark.

Coaching encourages active engagement, it is pro-active, positive, forward focused support. The mindfulness create the quiet to be able to listen to the whispers of the heart. To help you to connect with your passion and purpose. Mindfulness is effective in helping to change your relationship with anxiety and stress so that you can make the positive life changes you seek. Leading to a greater sense of balance, calm and happiness.

Breathing Space provides caring, inspirational and compassionate support. A mindful space in which to pause, reflect, gain insight, self-awareness and knowledge. This will help you to facilitate a positive, passionate and soulful journey through your life and allow you to manage the challenges you might face. The Coaching can take place face to face in Cambridgeshire or Northamptonshire with consulting spaces in Peterborough and Oundle. Or nationally by Skype or Facetime.

So, if you, or someone you know, would like some mindful life coaching support please do get in touch.


• A space in which to pause, reflect, heal and learn.

• Caring, inspirational and compassionate support.

• Bespoke mindfulness coaching and personal development coaching  catering for your unique needs.

• Consulting spaces in Peterborough and Oundle for face to face sessions or nationally by Skype or Facetime.


At the beginning of my journey of discovery with Breathing Space, I struggled with anxiety and very poor confidence. I suffered panic attacks in many situations, from meeting up with friends and family to education related pressures. I have now been taught a wide range of simple tools and skills which have allowed me to discover who I am and have helped me to feel comfortable within myself. I have a complete new outlook on life, have achieved more than I ever thought I could and I am certainly more able to cope with life’s struggles. I feel I have transformed from an overly emotional, dependant and nervous fraction of a person, to a more confident, healthier and happier individual, who is more aware of what she is capable of achieving.’




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Providing a beautiful physical breathing space to mindfully contemplate your souls passion, bringing clarity, authenticity and purpose to your life. The Beautiful Souls Retreat is back on the 20th-22nd April 2018.  Do register your interest as spaces fill quickly and we keep the retreats small so that we can provide that bespoke support.


Mindfulness based emotional intelligence training to aid effective client-centered compassionate communication and build cohesive teams.


At Breathing Space we have a number of training day options that we deliver all of which can be booked via the events page. On this page you can also book onto our Beautiful Souls Retreats.