I wanted to tell you a little about Breathing Space and how it came into being. I began my own exploration into mindfulness about six years ago. Seeking solace from the demands of a stressful career. My own journey has lead me to a peace with my own life that I have not before known. My own practice and personal experience now sits behind my passion for sharing the benefits with others. I set up Breathing Space in response to my passion for empowering others. The Breathing Space dandelion logo represents time, resilience, persistent and its ability to fly and let go on the breath of the wind. As we develop our mindfulness practice we seek to let go of the entanglement with thought and let it go on the sigh of the breath. I wanted Breathing Space to be a space in which you have a chance to pause. To explore how you or your company can develop a mindful and compassionate way of being. To help you achieve greater focus, confidence, peace and awareness. Mindfully developing your ability to sit more comfortably with the stress and anxiety of modern living. My core life values are creativity, kindness, compassion and mindfulness. I weave my values into how I approach my individual coaching and corporate training. In the corporate arena I am dedicated to bringing compassion and kindness to the heart of business. So I hope you feel that you know a little more about me and Breathing Space but if you would like to know more do not hesitate to contact us.


It is important to me that I provide a mindful service to my clients. Part of that is ensuring that I have the knowledge and understanding needed to do just that. I am fully insured and I explore every opportunity to continue to mindfully learn and grow. I can then bring that knowledge into my practice. At the present time I am in the throes of completing the requirements for the national register of mindfulness teachers. I have completed my Mindfulness Teacher training and I am certified as ready to teach the 8-week Mindfulness based Living Course. I have gained the following accreditation and qualifications:

  • Certificate of readiness to teach the MBLC.
  • ACT Intensive Skills Training
  • Introduction to Mindfulness Teaching Skill Training
  • Mindfulness Associations foundation and Practitioners Certificate
  • Level 5 Diploma in Coaching with NLP
  • Diploma in Mindfulness
  • Certificate in Counselling Adolescents using the Arts
  • Member of the Association for Coaching
  • Member of the Mindfulness Association
  • Professional member of The Association for Contextual Behavioral Science
  • Law Degree


I have had the honour of a varied and eclectic people centered career. Each role a learning experience that now sits behind my coaching and training business. When you choose Breathing Space for your coaching and training needs, I would really like you to feel that you are in safe, caring and experienced hands.

– Trustee of Hampton Multi Academies Education Trust
– Adviser to the Board of the Mindfulness Association
– Student ACT Coach and Mentor at Hampton College
– Former member of the Law Society and Child & Family Panelist
– Qualified Child & Family Solicitor with 20 yrs experience


It is through working in these roles and meeting new people from a wide range of background that I have been able to develop the life experience that allows me to offer the depth of training and coaching that I do. I have a wide range of skills, experience and learning to draw upon so that I can offer each of my clients a bespoke mindful service tailored specifically for their individual needs. This ensures positive and mindful outcomes for the people that I work with.


Sara is an amazing public speaker, mentor, motivator and development coach. She spoke for me at my Creative Network event to around 20 businesses, she did an excellent presentation about the change cycle. It rang true with many of us and she is still one of the best speakers we have had at the Networking breakfast.

Hazel Cotterell