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Breathing Space is a mindful space in which you can pause, breath, reflect and learn in a compassionate way how to mindfully be.

We offer a one to one bespoke mindfulness coaching service. Where we can explore together how to build into your own life that ability to create a pause and be more present from moment to moment. Leading to a more enriching and happier life.

We offer ACT Coaching a cutting edge mindfulness based coaching intervention. It is rooted in the ethos and attitude of mindfulness and has substantial empirical data as being highly effective in bringing about positive personal development. Leading to maximised human potential for a rich, full and meaningful life.  Helping you to meet your life challenges mindfully  and  reconnect you with your hearts passion. So you can achieve your dreams in a compassionate and focused way. If you would like to find out more about this amazing approach do take a look at our coaching page.

From the 1st of May 2018 we will be running the eight week Mindfulness Based Living Course(MBLC) an eight week mindfulness programme recognised by the UK good practice guidelines. It is very similar to the MBSR but with a greater emphasis on cultivating loving kindness and compassion towards ourselves and others. The courses page will be live very soon but if you are interested in joining the May course do fill out the contact form below and we will add your name to the participants list. Or if you wish to book a place then you can do so on our events page.

We run a number of sell-out Retreats throughout the year. The next retreat is due to take place on the 20th-22nd April 2018. This is a beautiful opportunity to take a little time to pause. To have the space and support to reconnect with your souls whisperers. Helping you to find clarity, passion and purpose. To find out more head over to the retreat page.

Breathing Space is dedicated to bringing compassion and kindness to the heart of business by providing Mindfulness based corporate training and staff support. We can come into your organisation and deliver the eight week MBLC programme to your staff. We have a half day mindfulness based well-being course which is an introduction to mindfulness based techniques and ethos to support and promote staff well-being. For those members of your organisation that need more intensive support to manage anxiety or stress we can offer one to one acceptance and commitment coaching.


We offer services for every need


 One to one Mindfulness Coaching exploring the formal meditations and informal practices and attitudes central to a more mindful way of being. ACT Coaching to help you find passion and purpose in your life and overcome the challenges that stand in your way. Reconnecting mind, body and soul.


Providing a beautiful physical breathing space to mindfully contemplate your souls passion, bringing clarity, authenticity and purpose to your life. The Beautiful Souls Retreat is back on the 20th-22nd April 2018.  Do register your interest as spaces fill quickly and we keep the retreats small so that we can provide that bespoke support.


Dedicated to bringing compassion and kindness to the heart of business. We provide the eight week MBLC programme, well-being training and one to one support. Promoting resilience, team cohesion and well-being in the corporate world.


At Breathing Space we have a number of training day options that we deliver all of which can be booked via the events page. On this page you can also book onto our Beautiful Souls Retreats.


“When you realize nothing is lacking, the whole world belongs to you”

~ Lao Tzu


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Mindfulness Based Well-being training

£350 for half day training

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MBLC for Business

£1800 for 12 participants

Beautiful Souls Weekend Retreat

 £350 shared room

£497 single occupancy


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